Julie D. Imel

Writing ● Editing ● Content Creation

Media Kits

Media kits, or press kits, are informational packages designed for reporters. They contain pertinent facts, imagery and resources reporters need to develop a story. If your company is launching a new product, merging with another corporation, celebrating a milestone anniversary or spearheading a new community project, a media kit is a great way to share your story. To learn more, visit my FAQs page.

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Press Conferences

As its name implies, a press conference is a special event reserved strictly for members of the press. During a brief program, companies and organizations share information with journalists and respond to their questions.

I help clients determine if their announcement warrants a press conference, and I organize every aspect of the event with the team I represent. My role includes:

  • Selecting the optimal date, time and location for the event.
  • Creating a project timeline.
  • Developing press materials (media kits, press releases, posters, signage).
  • Inviting members of the media.
  • Preparing the program and scripts for speakers.
  • Staging the site for great optics.
  • Serving as liaison between the client and media outlets following the event.
  • Tracking coverage that resulted from the press conference.

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Media Partnerships

A media partnership is a collaboration between an organization and a media outlet to promote an event or series of programs. Here’s an overview of how it works: the media outlet provides promotion at significantly reduced rates or as in-kind services (free!). In exchange, the organization acknowledges its media partner in various marketing materials. Every partnership is unique, and the terms are outlined in a formal agreement prior to the start of any promotion.

I help clients identify opportunities for these collaborations and guide them through the process, from start to finish. To discuss how a media partnership may benefit your organization, contact me.